Unity By Shock

On 4th of January 2018 something happened in Kasur district of Punjab Pakistan that shook the whole country. 8 year old girl named Zainab Ansari was kidnapped while on her Qura’an tuition class. Her parents were away in Saudi Arabia for Ummrah(A religious duty), Her uncle tried to lodge a complaint in local Police Station but the turned them away. So the family decided to find Zainab on their own. They discovered a CCTV footage showing that she was accompanied by a middle aged man holding her hands. They tried the Local Police for help again but the Police being heavily politicized turned them down again. On January 9th 2018 Zainab’s body was discovered dumped in garbage a few blocks away from her house. The autopsy reports shows that the Poor kid was raped and brutally murdered and that started a revolt and protest from one corner of the country to another. In matter of hours the whole Kasur district was on Lockdown. People came out to streets protesting against Police and demanding Justice for Zainab. But the Police instead of admitting to their mistake opened fire on the protesters which resulted in Two killings and several Injured.

The whole country was in shock by that incident, standing togather, protesting and demanding Justice for Zainab. Some of the Politician saw it as an opportunity to trash the ruling Party. Every influential Person and Public Figures stepped in to Condemn the act and demand Justice for Zainab. As if the whole country was had a singular mind. And I was amazed and saddened by that fact. Amazed by how united we are fighting for a Justice of Daughter of a nation and saddened by the fact that it took a predator and sick minded person to commit a heinous act of raping and murdering an 8 year old innocent to bring us together.

Later on it was found that it there are 12 crime s of same nature committed in 2017. And more than 280 Teenagers were raped and extorted for money and for child pornography in Kasur district. The authorities are still working on finding the perpetrators of those crimes. Its been almost two weeks and Zainab’s killer is still nowhere to be found.

Now the question that burdens me is what kind of a monster and sick minded person would ever want to hurt an innocent kid. And if we do have these kind of monsters living in our society with us, Then why do we have to wake up and address the issue only after some parents light is taken from them, only after the desecration of innocence of a Zainab. Can’t we just stop for a second and think where did we go wrong with our society to let these kind of monstrosity in, That how did we let someone build up that confidence that they can just walk up and prey on our kids. How did we let them to have no fear of consequences. How did we got distracted to not attend to an issue of magnitude.

In the end I would just say that we all need to stand up and work our best toward a solution to that problem regardless of our religions, cultures, borders but as singular united people for the sake of humanity. Because I think that kind of acts are disgrace to humanity not just to a specific culture or country. Because this not just the story of my country every single country has witnessed heinous acts of that nature.

Thank You

Last Picture of Zainab

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3 thoughts on “Unity By Shock

  1. It’s heartbreaking to know that atrocities such as this are still happening. Thank you for sharing and speaking up on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

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    1. We all need to take a stand against such atrocities and work our way toward a better future

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