Immoral While Being Moral

For long time our society has been man-dominant. A thought of having of female standing as an equal to man was kind of taboo, but since the first decade of 21st century we have seen quite a change in society and women are now considered as an equal to a man and we have seen them working twice as hard and becoming more successful in every field of life and achieving the place that they deserve in the society. Seeing that has been very amazing and joyous. But like in every Era every revolution this one also has its merits and demerits. Today I want to talk about its downside.

When women came out to speak for themselves and started fighting and working for their rightful place as a equal to men. Many men felt that as an insult to their gender but eventually most of them came around and realized the positivity  in accepting their women as an equal. But some of the men still despise this fact and we have seen the example of their despise by witnessing the atrocities committed against women. We have seen how the dignity of our women shredded to pieces by these vultures who are an insult to their gender.

As an equal society we are hugely imbalanced because every woman that goes outside the walls of her home the sight of every man scares her to death. If we can’t accept that women are equal then we shouldn’t have let them take their right in the first place but if we did accept that fact  now its our duty to treat them as such and keep them safe. If we are so understanding then how is it that every woman deep down in her heart is scared for her sanctity being violated by a man.

The way I see it a real man knows to respect their women not to take their dignity or disrespect them in any way because that’s what my parents thought me that’s what my religion thought me and that’s what I believe in. Woman are the most kind-hearted and lovable creatures they do not deserve that kind of cruelty. We also need to keep in mind that their is nothing more fierce than a woman fearing for her sanctity so we need to let them be the creature of love as they are meant to be.

In the end I will just say that we all need to find out and then cut out the root of this problem, So we can end this Social Injustice once and for all.

Thank You

via Daily Prompt: Dominant


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