A Gift For Conveyor

In our culture there is a tradition which seems to be passed down to us by The Mughal Emperors, which is every time when someone conveys good news to a person, that person is bound to offer the conveyor a gift. The gift most of time is money. In our language (Pashto) it’s called “Ze-ray”.

When we were kids we always wanted to be the conveyors of good news in greed of getting a gift. We all cousins and friends used to fight and race each other to convey the news to other family members. We have made some good childhood memories because of that. Unfortunately I have seen this tradition being forgotten because the 21st Century’s kids are more interested in sticking to their Cell phones than enjoying their childhood while they still can. They would rather spend their time looking at their cell phones for hours than to enjoy their time with friends and family and make some memories for life.

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2 thoughts on “A Gift For Conveyor

  1. Absolutely and because of that they are literally losing the sense of what to do and what not to do…They have zero instincts regarding how to be social or to differentiate between what’s right and what’s wrong…


  2. Yes so true. This era of the digital world has taken away the childhood innocence of the younger generation.

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